Using Facebook to promote your business.

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You may not know that you can create Facebook Pages for your business. Sure, you’ve probably seen Pages for various things, lots of them silly. However, that does not diminish the potential inherent in creating a Facebook Page for your business, whether you sell a product or service.

find_us_on_facebook_badgeIf you have a main website, you can use your Facebook Page to promote and drive traffic to it. As a more personal note, you can use your Profile to post items or Notes regarding your business, even the creation of your business’ new Facebook Page to let your friends know about it.


How Bad (Automobile) Marketing Ruins a Country’s Economy and How to Fix It

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Or: How you can learn to be better at marketing from the mistakes of others.

In the wake of the US automobile manufacturers’ pleas for yet another bailout, a great marketing lesson can be learned. Three articles featured on the Huffington Post together create a very compelling picture for not only what is wrong, and what could be right, with Detroit but also for how critical marketing is, not only to the health of a business but to the health of the economy as a whole. Yet another case of “We’re all in the same boat.”


Why Movie Marketing So Often Sucks! (updated)

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Millions of dollars are spent each year producing and marketing movies. By some schools of thought, whatever the size of the production budget, the marketing budget should equal that. This is definitely true of bigger budget films above the $60 million level. So, a lot of money is spent by Hollywood trying to get people into theaters.