Using Facebook to promote your business.

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You may not know that you can create Facebook Pages for your business. Sure, you’ve probably seen Pages for various things, lots of them silly. However, that does not diminish the potential inherent in creating a Facebook Page for your business, whether you sell a product or service.

find_us_on_facebook_badgeIf you have a main website, you can use your Facebook Page to promote and drive traffic to it. As a more personal note, you can use your Profile to post items or Notes regarding your business, even the creation of your business’ new Facebook Page to let your friends know about it.

If your main website has an RSS feed, you can install an RSS reader on your new business Facebook Page and run your site’s content through to your Page, therefore helping you to keep it fresh. I recommend the RSS-Connect Facebook application.

Facebook Pages have an additional and great advantage in terms of advertising. If you know about Google’s wonderful AdWords service, the advertising tool that allows you to place text and graphic ads throughout the internet by bidding on keywords on a daily basis (and if you don’t you should), then you should also know that Facebook has a similar tool: Facebook Advertising.

Where Facebook’s version has a bit of an advantage is that its tool is restricted to the Facebook membership as opposed to the entire internet. If you think of Facebook as a microcosm of the internet, advertising through Facebook shrinks the pool of customers to a more manageable number as well as providing you a sort of captive audience.

Where content is king, if you make sure to have good or even great content on your site and are clever with your self-promotion, you can see some real results in a relatively short amount of time.

So, get started today! Create a Business Page on Facebook, create an ad campaign for it and see where it takes you.