OnStartups.com’s “10 Things MBA Schools Won’t Teach You”

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This is a great list for anyone considering starting a business or running a business. 10 Things MBA Schools Won’t Teach You is the latest post on Dharmesh Shah’s site, OnStartups.com.

A blog for entrepreneurs.

A blog for entrepreneurs.


Postcard Design

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Lead-generation postcard for Heliographica Press

Postcards are a great medium. Their size and shape recalls that of a poster and they allow for more visual appeal because of that. If you subscribe to the notion that your advertising efforts should strive for the pin-up factor (the idea that someone might pin your ad to their cubicle), then postcards are a medium that you should seriously consider.


The Top 11 Best Things About WordCamp SF 2009

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This weekend I attended my first WordCamp, WordCamp San Francisco 2009. And here are the top 11 best things about the day’s events.


…and I’m not a PC.

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This is a continuation, in a way, of my previous post entitled “But Microsoft doesn’t make PCs….”

Mac has responded beautifully to Microsoft’s latest condescending ad campaign where they pay folks to buy a PC and as these folks browse for the appropriate computer, at a big box store, they invariably have a dismissive comment to make about the Mac — the lonely single Macbook in the entire store it seems. They say things like, “Macs seem more about design than anything else.”


Building an emotional bond with your customers.

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Rick Newman, in U.S. News & World Report, wrote a piece about Netflix’s Reed Hastings, “One CEO Who Gets It.”

Beyond Hastings’ proposal that anybody who earns over $1 million should be taxed at 50 percent, instead of having their salaries capped at $500,000, Newman identifies what Hastings apparently knows and what the Wall Street fatcats don’t, which is how vitally important it is for companies “to form an emotional bond” with their customers.