Using Facebook to promote your business.

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You may not know that you can create Facebook Pages for your business. Sure, you’ve probably seen Pages for various things, lots of them silly. However, that does not diminish the potential inherent in creating a Facebook Page for your business, whether you sell a product or service.

find_us_on_facebook_badgeIf you have a main website, you can use your Facebook Page to promote and drive traffic to it. As a more personal note, you can use your Profile to post items or Notes regarding your business, even the creation of your business’ new Facebook Page to let your friends know about it.


But Microsoft doesn’t make PCs…(updated)

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You’ve seen the new Crispin, Porter + Bogusky campaign for Microsoft, first the Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld roadshow followed by the supposed next phase of the plan, the cavalcade of real people and celebrities claiming to be “a PC.”
Can this dude make Microsoft Cool?This first came to my attention with the cover of Fast Company’s June 2008 issue that pretty clearly asks if CPB’s Alex Bogusky can make Microsoft cool. While the article itself quotes Andrew Keller, one of CPB’s co-executive creative directors saying “To try to be cool is to not be cool,” the resulting campaign does just that.