OnStartups.com’s “10 Things MBA Schools Won’t Teach You”

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This is a great list for anyone considering starting a business or running a business. 10 Things MBA Schools Won’t Teach You is the latest post on Dharmesh Shah’s site, OnStartups.com.

A blog for entrepreneurs.

A blog for entrepreneurs.


“The Break Up”

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I stumbled upon this awesome series of commercials developed and produced by the Openhere ad agency and Microsoft’s Geert Desager for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions.

The first one in the series is called The Break Up and tells the story a couple breaking up. She, Consumer, is fed up with his, Advertiser’s, dismissive and self-centered ways.



Technology of Avoidance?

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My friend Leigh Marz of the coaching/training team Leading Spirit and her colleague, Julie Davidson-Gómez, have written a series of very informative posts on how organizations can slide into using technology to erode teamwork and how to get out of that: The Technology of Avoidance: When Bad Habits Happen with Good Technology.

Still, there is a great deal that leaders can do to minimize technology-related disruptions and maximize technology-driven benefits.


Dynamic Websites and Other Confusing Terms

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As a service provider (ad agency, web developer, designer, etc.), or a business, you may readily agree that any business in the 21st Century has to have a web presence. That’s where things get complicated and confusing fast!

The lifeblood of any online business, or presence even, is traffic, the number of people or eyeballs that go to your site. The way these eyeballs can find a site, unless they’re reading the URL off of an ad, business card, coupon or hearing it in a commercial, is through a search. Therefore, for a website to be truly enabled to function on the internet for any commercial purposes, large or small, it has to be Search-Engine Optimized.