Storyboards & Production Design

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Making TV commercials or major motion pictures can be complex and expensive. Storyboards and Production Design are film’s counterpart to architectural drawings. It is a way to visualize and make tangible what otherwise would only exist in one person’s head. As an advertising art director, my job has always been to create comps (comprehensive sketches) or mockups to show what the final product will be for a given project. Thanks to my innate drawing abilities, I’m also a very capable storyboard artist, capable of drawing either very precise frames or a multitude of simpler looser renderings. This can be useful if you have a limited budget but would like a storyboard for your whole project.

Production design can be as simple as a few concept boards, showing how key scenes might look, or it can be more comprehensive, depicting every detail of a film production.

Melton Cartes is an accomplished storyboard artist
—These two storyboard frames show how a simple line drawing approach (in this case with just a ballpoint pen) combined with Photoshop effects differs from the raw ink drawing without effects.