JE Unlimited TV spot

Portfolio, Video/Film Production

The only thing I did not do in this project was act; that was handled by the wonderful Yvonne Cornell. I wrote this script, lit it (with help from my friend David Fischer), shot it, edited it and of course, directed it.

The budget for this commercial was under five thousand dollars, way under. While I don’t recommend that (and I won’t do that again), it is proof that good quality television advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Obviously, this was a low-budget concept; a single actor, no props and no set construction required. Music was provided by a local musician and that was it.

It was shot using MiniDV technology and a ridiculously tiny camera, my friend David’s little Sony 3-chip camcorder he uses on vacations. Nonetheless, with an additional camera and a more realistic budget, a very good TV spot is well within the range of any business—if that medium is right for your marketing plan. Add to that regional cable media buys and any business can run its own respectable and effective TV campaign.

A low-budget commercial for a long-distance phone plan.

30 seconds