New Albany Music Fund logo


The Albany Music Fund, has a new logo developed by An Ad Guy, coinciding with the development of their new website.

“The Albany Music Fund is a fundraising organization dedicated to music education excellence and equity in Albany schools since 2002.”

The requirement for the new logo design, among other things, was that it look professional, appeal to parents, teachers and volunteers as well as the students who are the focus of the fund. The design solution arrived at by An Ad Guy uses a medium-bold weight of the typeface Grotesk for the logotype and the graphic element of four circles that emulate either musical notes or the bouncing musical ball
some may remember from drive-in sing-along featurettes. Grotesk was selected because of its casual tone despite being a very formal and blocky typeface. Technically a sans-serif font, Grotesk utilizes pseudo-serifs, or strokes in many of its letterforms that curl inward, creating an almost hand-painted quality.

The result is a mark that is musical without using obvious musical clichés to make the point.

The fund focuses on making new instruments, equipment, scholarships, fees for competitions and other music program-related things available to local Albany, California junior-high and high-school students pursuing music education. The AMF is run by parents, teachers and other volunteers on a small annual budget.

An Ad Guy urges you to donate to the AMF if you are interested in supporting great music education. Learn more at the Albany Music Fund.