Business Plans

Services, Strategy

“Management is doing things right;
leadership is doing the right things.”
  —Peter Drucker

Business plans are the blueprints for a business. There are a handful of basic elements that go into a business plan:

  1. the summary;
  2. the description of the basic business concept;
  3. the description of the company (or the proposed company), the “who is going to make this happen”;
  4. an analysis of the market sector or industry the business will operate in;
  5. an analysis of the competition;
  6. the description of how the product or service will be made and delivered;
  7. and the financial projections based on precedents.

There’s a lot of noise out there about business plans, but these are the basic elements found in every one and the good news is that writing a business plan is pretty simple and even exciting. That’s because, like a blueprint, it’s really an opportunity to dream, imagine and define your vision. It is the first manifestation of your business and the cheapest part—since it’s only on paper. If you’re excited about having and running your business, you should be just as excited about writing and completing your business plan.

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