Services, Strategy

“Management is doing things right;
leadership is doing the right things.”
  —Peter Drucker

Every business needs to figure out how to get its product to its consumer and every business needs to plan for its success. That’s strategy.

As a creative director, I’ve developed and supervised marketing campaigns for a variety of clients. My focus has been on creating communications that correctly set up expectations in the consumer’s mind so that they would first, take action and second, be satisfied with their spending. To do that, every business needs to identify whom they are talking to, who it is that would want their product. There are a number of ways of doing that, common sense is one of the best. If you’re selling home loans, you’re talking to people who want to buy a house. How old they are and where they live and how much they make is secondary. That has more to do with where you’re going to reach them. But identifying the target is the most crucial part of developing a strategy.